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First Visit


During your first visit at Bay Chiropractic and Physiotherapy our main focus is to establish a diagnosis for your condition then we can advise precisely the treatment required to fix your problem and hence your symptoms.

We do a thorough medical history and physical examination. Sometimes X-rays, MRI’s or other studies may be referred for. If you have any of these already please bring them to your first visit.

At Bay Chiropractic we also have a sports orthotic computer assessment that most of our sports patients have fitted to their shoes to help prevent injury and enhance performance.

All patients on first visit will be treated and possibly be given home exercises. Our objective is to fix you as fast as possible and give advice (sometimes including prescribing stretching and/or strengthening exercises) that may stop your condition from reoccurring. Any questions you may have can be answered in this first consultation.

If you wish to complete a Patient History Form before your first appointment click here for downloadable pdf forms >>

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